GO!Durban ready for actionGO!Durban is the official name given to Durban’s very own Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network. This system has been designed to bring safe, affordable and seamless public transport to eThekwini.

The launch took place in early November and was attended by transport officials from throughout South Africa as well as eThekwini Mayor Councillor James Nxumalo, KwaZulu-Natal MEC for Transport and Head of eThekwini Transport Authority Mr Thami Manyathi.

GO!Durban aims to make eThekwini Municipality the most caring and liveable city by 2030. To do so the system has integrated state-of-the-art machinery and conducted researched on current systems used around the globe. Muvo has a major role to play in the GO!Durban project. Muvo Cards will be GO!Durban’s official electronic fare management system. Muvo will work alongside GO!Durban to give the public safe, affordable and convenient public transport.

As GO!Durban develops Muvo Cards will be integrated into the various transport modes. Muvo has been active for over a year in Durban and will provide valuable research and insights into the local communities and their responses to new transport processes. Muvo’s tried and tested systems will help guide passengers as GO!Durban starts to implement new transport methods.

Working together Muvo Cards and GO!Durban will help create a safer, more sustainable and more liveable city for locals as well as visitors. By 2030 the GO!Durban project will shape the city into a globally recognized, world-class destination.