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Goods and services

Muvo Cards are a convenient and hassle-free system designed to improve the commuting lifestyle of Durban citizens. To achieve this, we’ve included a cash value system which allows passengers to buy bus rides or products at participating stores using the cash pre-loaded on their Muvo Cards. Stores such as: Pick ‘n Pay, Spar, Checkers and Shoprite already display the ‘Muvo accepted here’ signage and accept Muvo Cards for purchases. There is however, currently a R200 limit on purchases that can be made with the Muvo Card.

Loading cash to a Muvo Card offers commuters peace of mind. It eliminates the need to carry cash when travelling around the city. Muvo Cards can hold a minimum balance of R50 and maximum balance of R1 500 however a R1 service fee is charged for every R50 loaded. To ensure that all our processes run smoothly and you have proof of your interaction with the Muvo system, each time you load cash to your Muvo Card you will receive a receipt with your current balance. Please bear in mind that only cash will be accepted when loading the Muvo Card. To pay for your bus trips using the cash on your card, all you need to do is tell the driver where you would like to go and they will make sure the correct fare is deducted.

The Muvo Card system is easy to use – simply tap your Muvo Card against the card reader when you board the bus. The four green lights and a beep indicate that your fare has been deducted and a receipt will be printed. The receipt will reveal the trip you have just paid for and state your remaining trip balance. For the safety of the passengers the receipts will not show the current cash balance of the Muvo Card. To view your cash balance you will need to visit a Muvo PayPoint or Muvo Smart Van.

Each time you use the cash on your card or you top-up, you will be asked to enter your Muvo Card PIN. Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw money from your Muvo Card and we currently do not offer refunds once you have loaded the cash. If you have any questions about the Muvo system please feel free to call us on 080 000 6886.