An upgrade for People Movers

Noticed anything different along Durban’s Golden Mile? Durban’s People Mover buses may upgrade to a more modern shape if the Optare vehicle on loan to the city does well with the public. Depending on the public’s view of these new buses their wide windscreen and rounded exterior may become a more permanent feature on our city streets.

The People Mover buses are the bright green buses with large windows that travel the scenic routes along the Durban beachfront. The buses have two main bus routes – the Bus Line which travels along the beachfront from Suncoast to uShaka and the City Loop which travels to and from the beachfront and city centre. The People Mover buses were only launched in 2009 and are still a relatively new bus line. The new Optare vehicles have been in use since May and are on loan to the city for one month. They have a euro 5 diesel engine and can transport between 20 and 25 passengers depending on the number of wheelchairs present. The buses are a proudly South African achievement as they were developed and are already in use in Cape Town.

The buses still contain the signature look of People Movers – a bright green exterior with large windows which are ideal for the relaxing rides along the Durban Golden Mile. However, it is now up to the public to decide if the modernised bus design is suitable for the Durban cityscape.