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Public opinion

August 2013

It’s been just over a year since the Muvo Card was introduced and launched in Durban and already over 18 000 commuters are using their cards for all their daily trips. Although many commuters have a historical loyalty to bus coupons, many have decided to move to Muvo and enjoy the convenience it has to offer. Here are two messages we’ve received from Muvo Card users: Mdu I am a regular bus user in the Newlands East area, using the 6:30am Newlands East to Umhlanga bus. In my job I am required to visit schools in far places so as a result I often don’t use up all my clicks on a coupon and it expires without me utilising it fully. Which is why when I found out that I could obtain a Muvo Card and load my ticket onto it, I jumped on the opportunity as it also doesn’t expire as quickly and for someone who sometimes uses the bus and on other weeks I don’t, it made perfect sense. However on Monday the 19 March 2013, I attempted to catch the bus as I normally do but the driver told me that I have no credits on my card when I knew for a fact that there were 4 trips left on the card. Much to my amazement I was told to stand aside or exit the bus, as I didn’t have any money on me I proceeded to leave the bus. I am not one to have problems or complain but I felt embarrassed and demeaned by how he approached the matter and the way he spoke. I know that I am meant to ask for an emergency ticket but even so, he didn’t provide me with many options of how to proceed. I then had to walk back home and return with cash and catch a taxi. When I finally got to the office I called the customer care number at the back of my Muvo Card and was assisted by Siya, Haiden and Gugu who took down my details. They were very patient with me as I was honestly not happy, I asked for further assistance. They then put me through to Thulani who later called back and arranged for us to meet at the terminal at the Workshop in town to verify whether or not I actually had coupons or travel credit on the card, furthermore he proceeded to take me from town back to Newlands East so he could see the bus stop where I wait for the bus, so that in the morning he could arrive and ensure that I am on the bus. Today to my surprise he was actually there at 6:30am to assist me with the bus driver, and yes I did manage to get on the bus this time, and got to work at the normal time. I’d really love to thank the ladies and gentlemen at the call centre for helping but more importantly Thulani Dladla who honestly went out of his way to help. In all I was pleasantly surprised and having started the day on a bad note, I must say he and the guys managed to restore my faith in using this card…I can’t see how I can ever use the ticket, thank you. Big ups to the Muvo Card Mdu Tarnia I am really glad that I can give back to you and have the opportunity to show my appreciation for everything that you have done to make the Muvo Card successful I have been a commuter on the 520 Woodhaven bus for the last 30 years on a daily basis and seen all the changes that have happened over this time and for me, Muvo Card is definitely the way to go. What a difference the Muvo Card has made in my life, no more worrying about an expired bus tickets or having to carry cash, just top up your Muvo Card at your nearest Muvo Card vendor, get on the bus, tap your Muvo Card and away you go. Muvo Card is definitely the stress free way of travelling.  I would definitely recommend using the Muvo Card If you are going to be travelling on public transport. A very happy Muvo Card Commuter Tarnia