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Buying and loading


A quick and easy registration process at any Muvo PayPoint or Muvo Smart Van is all it takes to own a Muvo Card. Please note that you are also required to load a minimum amount of 10 trips, in order to activate and receive a card. A new Muvo Card will cost you a once-off fee of R20.

The card activation process will include the selection of a secret PIN. With the card inserted into the Muvo Card reader, you will have to enter your secret PIN on the keypad. Your pin is an important safeguard in case of theft, or if you lose it, and prevents others from using your card. After selecting your pin you will be required to purchase 10 trips to activate the card. Bear in mind that only cash payments will be accepted. Once your trips have been loaded you will receive a receipt that will state your trip balance. Your card will then be fully activated and ready to go.

Once you have loaded your trips to the card you can board the bus and start exploring your beautiful city. All Durban Transport, People Mover and Mynah busses servicing the greater Durban area will be fitted with a Muvo Card reader. When you board the bus, just tap your Muvo Card against the card reader. Four green lights and a beep from the card reader indicate that your fare has been deducted and a receipt with your new trip balance will be printed. You are then ready to find your seat and enjoy the ride.