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  1. Fare Categories

    Fare Categories The People Mover, Durban Transport and Mynah busses are Durban’s primary bus lines and interchange throughout the city to get you to where you want to go. Muvo Cards allow you to travel anywhere in the central and greater Durban areas using the Muvo Card readers installed in each bus. Each of these […]

  2. Scholar Concession Cards

    We apologise for the temporary unavailability of the blue Muvo Scholar Concession Card.   ​ In the interim, we will be issuing a black Muvo Card with a Blue Scholar sticker.  ​​ To ensure that you enjoy the same benefits as the blue Muvo Scholar Concession Card, please do not remove the scholar sticker. This sticker identifies that you qualify […]

  3. Children on board

    Travelling with children can be challenging, but here are a few hints and tips to turn your potentially stressful trip into a fun and memorable journey of discovery. An occupied child is a happy child and it doesn’t take much to add a little excitement to your daily trip routine. Pack a jacket with many […]

  4. Bus driver winner

    Move to Muvo bus driver competition Durban bus driver Deena Dayalan Naidoo was awarded as Durban’s best bus driver for the month of April as part of the Move to Muvo Campaign. Deena Naidoo was previously employed by the Airports Company of South Africa as a courier of flight documentation and through sterling work was […]

  5. Concession Cards

    Applications for Muvo Concession Cards Muvo Cards were designed to improve the passenger experience when travelling in Durban. To assist passengers with specific needs, Muvo created three Concession Cards, namely: the Scholar Concession Card, the Senior Citizen Concession Card and the Disabilities Concession Card. Scholar Concession Cards are available for students between grades 1 and […]

  6. Bus coupons to be discontinued

    Bus coupons to be discontinued 30th April 2014 Durban’s public transport system is taking its first step into the future. Bus coupons have been the official bus fare system for the Durban Transport and Mynah busses since the early 90’s. Muvo Cards are part of the preparation for GO!Durban – Durban’s new public transport system […]

  7. The research behind Muvo

    The research behind Muvo As news of Durban’s new public transport system breaks, so it becomes more apparent that systems have already been put in place to manage and maintain the process. The National Department of Transport’s development of an Integrated Rapid Transport Network originated from their desire to provide good quality public transport that […]

  8. Public opinion

    Public opinion August 2013 It’s been just over a year since the Muvo Card was introduced and launched in Durban and already over 18 000 commuters are using their cards for all their daily trips. Although many commuters have a historical loyalty to bus coupons, many have decided to move to Muvo and enjoy the […]

  9. Muvo one year later

    Muvo one year later July 2013 In July 2012 the Muvo Card system officially launched at City Hall in Durban. The cashless travel system is a progressive step for Durban that will uplift and continue to develop eThekwini’s transit infrastructure. By August last year the Muvo Cards had been fully integrated into the major bus […]

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