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EThekwini Municipality Transit Card Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Introduction

1.1. The use of the Muvo Card is subject to the Terms and Conditions defined herein.

1.2. By using the Muvo Card you are confirming your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions defined herein.

1.3. Important clauses, which may limit our responsibility or involve some risk for you, will be in bold and italics or highlighted. You must pay special attention to these clauses.

2. Definitions
We have defined some words for consistency. These words will begin with a capital
 letter, where indicated. Singular words include the plural and the other way round.

Word Meaning
Card A prepaid Muvo Card provided to you by the eThekwini Municipality
Card Issuer eThekwini Municipality
eThekwini eThekwini Municipality
Transit product A multi journey ticket to be used by a Cardholder to pay for travel on eThekwini’s Municipal Bus Services
eThekwini’s Municipal Bus Services The Bus Services currently branded as “People Mover”, “Durban Transport” and “Mynah”.
Merchants An individual or company who supplies a service to you
PIN A personal identification number
Standard Bank, we, us, our The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited with registration number 1962/000738/06, its successors and assigns.
Stored Value Funds available on a Card, deposited with cash
you, your Person receiving a Card or using a Card.

3. The Muvo Card

3.1. When you receive your Card for the first time you will be requested to choose a PIN.

3.2. You must either memorise the PIN or keep a record of it in a safe place, separate
from your Card. Do not disclose your PIN number to anyone.

3.3. You will be required to enter your PIN when you load money or transit products onto your Card, and when you want to use the Card to make a purchase at a Merchant. A PIN will not be required for the purposes of making payment for travelling on a Municipal Bus Service.

3.4. If you lose your PIN or if somebody finds out what your PIN is, neither we nor eThekwini will be liable for any loss you may suffer.

3.5. If you lose your PIN or if your Card is blocked because you have entered your PIN incorrectly 3 times, you must go to a Muvo PayPoint with your Card and your identity document or a certified copy of your identity document to unblock your Card.

3.6. In order to activate your Card for the first time you will need to load your Card with
transit products for travelling on the Municipal Bus Services.

3.7. You can top-up your Card with money or Transit Products at any time, before the Card expires.

3.8. You can check the balance on your Card by visiting any of the Muvo PayPoints. For a complete list of Muvo Paypoints go to http://muvo.co.za/about/station-locations/

3.9. You can use your Card to pay for travel on the Municipal Bus Services and for purchases at Merchants that display the “Muvo Card Accepted Here” signage.

3.10. We will not send you any correspondence or statements for your Card. You can request a record of your Card transactions from any Muvo PayPoint.

3.11. You cannot use your Card to withdraw cash.

4. Card Replacement

4.1. Damaged and Defective Cards
If your Card is damaged or defective you must report this to the nearest Muvo PayPoint for a replacement Card to be issued to you. If the Card shows any signs of negligence or abuse you will be charged a fee for the new Card. If the Card has a technical defect, it will be replaced at no cost. The balance outstanding on the damaged or defective Card will be loaded on to the new Card within 7 days.

4.2. Card Protection
You are responsible for keeping your Card safe. If your Card is lost, stolen or copied, we will not be responsible for any losses that you may incur.

5. Transferring a Card
You may transfer your Card to another person to use, provided that person falls within the same fare category of use as you do.

6. Loading cash onto your Card
You can load cash onto your Card for use at Merchants that display the “Muvo Card Accepted Here” signage. You will be required to load a minimum of R50.00 up to a maximum of R1 500.00, in multiples of R50.00. A maximum total of R3000.00 may be loaded onto your Card per month. You will be charged a transaction fee of R1.00 for every R50.00 loaded.

7. Purchases

7.1. You can use your Card to pay for goods and services at Merchants who display the “Muvo Card Accepted Here” signage.

7.2. The maximum value you can spend per transaction on your Card is R200.00.

7.3. You cannot use the Card to purchase goods or services over the telephone or Internet, on a self-service terminal, or to pay toll fees.

7.4. When you use your Card to pay for goods or services you must use your PIN.

7.5. If you enter an incorrect PIN three times in a row, all further transactions will be denied, your Card will be blocked and you must go to a Muvo PayPoint with your Card and identity document or a certified copy of your identity document to unblock your Card.

7.6. When you use your Card, we will process each transaction against your available Card balance. You will be able to use your Card until there is no money left on your Card.

7.7. We will authorise all transactions against money available in your Card.

7.8. Merchants are responsible for their transactions and they are separate from Standard Bank. Standard Bank is not responsible if a merchant does not accept your Card or if you have complaints regarding goods or services which you bought with your Card.

7.9. We are not responsible for any loss arising from any failure, malfunction of electronic facilities or delay in point-of-sale device or our supporting or shared networks, where applicable, resulting from circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

7.10. No warranties, purchase protection, insurance, other promises or services are provided.

7.11. Once you have bought something using your Card, you cannot stop payment of the transaction.

7.12. You must keep track of the transactions on your Card to ensure that you do not exceed your Card balance.

7.13. Bus Operators may ask you for cash if:

7.13.1.the balance on the Card is not enough to pay the fare for your trip;

7.13.2.the transit product on your Card has expired; or

7.13.3.the Card has expired.

8. Fees, charges, concession and refunds

8.1. You must pay a fee:

8.1.1. To buy a Card. You can get details of this fee from any Muvo PayPoint

8.1.2. To load cash onto your Card.

8.1.3. The Card has expired

8.2. We will deduct the fees that you must pay from the balance on your Card. There must be enough money on your Card to cover the amount you need to pay for goods and /or services; otherwise we will not process the transaction.

8.3. You will not earn interest on money in the Card.

8.4. You will not be allowed to process refunds on your Card for any purchases conducted on your Card at any Merchant where an amount was deducted from the
stored value on your Card.

8.5. Refunds of trips or money loaded on the Card will not be given under any circumstances.

9. Expiry of your Card

9.1. Your Card has a 5 year validity period. The date when the Card expires is printed on the front of each Card.

9.2. You may no longer use your Card after it has expired.

9.3. If your Card expires, you can obtain a replacement Card by producing the expired Card at a Muvo Paypoint. The Card fee applicable at the time will be charged for the replacement Card.

9.4. If there is money on your Card when it expires, you can contact any MuvoPaypoint to transfer the money to a new Card. You will be required to present the expired Card.

9.5. You will have up to 3 years after the Card has expired to arrange to transfer the money to a new Card. After that time any abandoned value on the Card will be the property of us and the eThekwini.

9.6. Transit products have a 3-year validity period. After 3 years, the transit products will expire and you will not be permitted to pay for your travel with the expired products. This is in compliance with the provisions in section 63 of the Consumer Protection Act.

10. Lost or stolen Cards

10.1. You must keep your Card and PIN safe. It is the same as having cash in your pocket.

10.2. If you lose your Card or if it is stolen, it cannot be replaced. You will lose your cash and your transit products and you will be required to purchase a new Card. Your Card is like an electronic wallet, if you lose your wallet you lose your money. Please keep your Card safe.

11. General Fare Policy

11.1. eThekwini may adjust fares when it deems it necessary.

11.2. All fares and concession fares available to a specific category of traveler or at specific times and are subject to change, review or withdrawal by eThekwini at
any time and subject to terms and conditions as required by eThekwini.

12. Further information and complaints

12.1. 1 If you:

  • require a copy of these Terms;
  • want to find out where to buy Cards or load money onto Cards;
  • have questions about the types of public transport fares available;
  • have a problem with the Card; or
  • want to lodge a complaint/dispute,

contact us using one of the following:

  • call 0800 00 6886;
  • visit your nearest Muvo Paypoint;
  • visit the Muvo Website: www.muvo.co.za

12.2. Standard Bank is a member of the Banking Association of South Africa who has appointed an independent Ombudsman for Banking Services (“Ombud”) to deal with complaints. If we do not solve your problem, or if you are not happy with the way that your problem was solved, then you may use the services of the Ombud.

12.3. You can contact the Ombud using one of the following means:

  • Telephone: 0860 800 900 or (011) 838 0035
  • Fax: (011) 838 0043
  • Email: info@obssa.co.za
  • Website: www.obssa.co.za