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Q. Why does my Muvo card expire?

A. Muvo cards are bank issued cards and like any bank card it has an expiry date.

Q. Will my card work on the bus after the expiry date?

A. No.  The card will not work on the bus.

Q. Will I be able to load trips on my card after the expiry date?

A. No.  Trips cannot be loaded on an expired card.

Q. What happens to my trips when my card expires?

A. Although your card expires, the card balance on your expired card can be transferred to your new card.

Q. Are the trips transferred immediately or will I have to wait?


If you swop your card before the expiry date, the balance of trips from your expired card will be transferred to your new card IMMEDIATELY.

If you swop your card after the expiry date, the balance of your trips from your expired card will be transferred within 7 working days.  You will need to pay cash to travel during this period.

Q. Will I be charged to replace my expiring card?

A. No, you won’t be charged until 30 June 2021. Thereafter you will be charged the R20 card fee.

Q. My expired card does not have any trips, do I qualify for a new card?

A. Yes, you do qualify for a new card, but you will need to load a minimum of 10 trips.

Q. What if I don’t have a Muvo Card or I forget my card at home?
A. Don’t worry, you can pay with cash.

Q. I’ve lost my Muvo Card, now what?
A. If your card is lost or stolen it cannot be replaced. You will lose your trips and will have to buy a new card. Your card is like an electronic wallet, if you lose your wallet you lose your money.

Q. What is the maximum amount I can load?
A.  There are no limits to the amount of trips you can load on your card.

Q. I have run out of trips on my card, what do I do?
A. You will have to pay for your trip in cash. Every time you use your card a receipt will be printed that states your trip balance.

Q. How do I check my balance?
A. Visit a Muvo PayPoint or Muvo Smart Van.

Q. What happens if I damage my card or it stops working?
A. You will need to take your card to a Muvo PayPoint for assessment. If the card has a technical fault you will receive a replacement card.  If the card shows signs of negligence or abuse you will be charged a fee for a new card. The remaining balance from your broken card will be transferred to the new card but may take up to 7 days to transfer.

Q. Will my card expire?
A. Each card is valid for 5 years. On the front of each card is the expiry date. You cannot use an expired card but trips that are on your card when it expires can be transferred to your new card, visit a Muvo PayPoint to do so.

Q. How long will my trips be valid for?
A. Trips are valid for 3 years. This is in compliance with the provisions in section 63 of the Consumer Protection Act.

Q. Can I withdraw money from my card?
A. Unfortunately you cannot withdraw money from your Muvo Card.

Q. What happens when I have more than one trip loaded on my card?
A. The bus driver will ask you which trip you would like deducted from your card.

Q. Can the chip on the card be affected by my cell phone or other cards?
A. No, the chip will not be damaged.

Q. Is there any proof of payment when I pay in cash?
A. Yes, you must insist on a receipt when you pay in cash. If a bus inspector gets on the bus and you cannot provide a receipt you will be immediately evicted from the bus. In case of an accident you will need your receipt as proof you were on the bus to claim from the road accident fund.

Q. Who can help me if I have concerns regarding my card?
A. Please visit a Muvo PayPoint, call 080 000 6886, or SMS your name and query to 44524 (free of charge).

Q. Can the Muvo Card be used on any bus?
A. The Muvo Card can be used on the People Mover, Mynah and Durban Transport busses.

Q. Can students get discounts on fares?
A.  Yes, Muvo offers a Scholar Concession Card to students between grades 1 and 12. When you apply for the Scholar Concession Card you will need your child’s original ID or Birth Certificate. Unfortunately, photocopies will not be accepted. Please bear in mind that passengers with the Scholar Concession Card are required to wear full school uniform aboard the bus.

For more information please visit: http://muvo.co.za/fares/concession-cards/

Q. Are there discounted fares for the elderly?
A. Yes, we offer a Senior Citizen Concession Card for South African citizens over the age of 60.  Please click here for more information regarding the application process: http://muvo.co.za/fares/concession-cards/

Q. Are there special fares for people with disabilities?
A. Yes, a Muvo Card has been made for people with disabilities. Please click here for more information regarding the application process: http://muvo.co.za/fares/concession-cards/