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The Muvo Card is a major step towards improving the user-experience of local, public transport systems.  The cost of a Muvo Card is R20. With the Muvo Card in hand, you could choose to top-up all your combined monthly trips instead of visiting the bus station every week.

When you apply for the Muvo Card please bear in mind that you will need to load at least one set of trips to activate the card. You will not have to pay a service fee for these trips.

Applying for a Muvo Card is quick and easy. All you need is enough money for your trips and the R20 for your new card.

Loading cards

Muvo Cards are loaded with trips according to the stages (routes) you wish to travel. These trips have no added service fees and are therefore cheaper than paying for your trips in cash. Loading trips to your Muvo Card is a convenient alternative to visiting the bus stations regularly. When you buy more than one trip you can specify to the bus driver which trip you would like deducted.