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Muvo Card safety

The Muvo Card system has been designed with careful attention to the safety of its users. To ensure that the cards are protected against theft, each card is assigned a secret pin of your choice. Although money cannot be withdrawn from stolen cards, for added protection against theft we insist that all cardholders keep their Muvo Card pins a secret.

Your Muvo Card pin is required each time you top-up your trips. To prevent others from using your card, there are only three chances to enter the Muvo Card pin correctly before the card is blocked. If your card is blocked, it will need to be reset. To unblock a card, visit a Muvo PayPoint or Muvo SmartVan with your ID, driver’s licence or passport and one of our friendly brand ambassadors will guide you through the process.

If your card is lost or stolen it cannot be replaced. You will lose your trips and you must buy a new card.  Your card is like an electronic wallet – if you lose your wallet you lose your money so please keep your card safe.