Muvo moves to schools

May 2013

Muvo has recently visited three local Durban schools to get children excited about using Muvo Cards. These visits have allowed Muvo to teach the children how to apply for Muvo Cards and the benefits of using these cards for daily bus trips.

The Muvo brand ambassadors put together a humorous and interactive play that they used to engage with the students at Addington and Wentworth Primary on 28 May 2013 and St Augustines on 19 June 2013. The play allowed the brand ambassadors to engage with the students and teach them how to apply, register and top-up the Muvo Card. One brand ambassador went as far as to make a Muvo theme song which had the whole audience participating. At the end of the play prizes were given to the students who were able to answer questions on the Muvo Card correctly. The plays are just one extra way Muvo are getting involved with the community and teaching them about the benefits of Muvo Cards.

Students between grades 1 and 12 are able to apply for a Scholar Concession Card which provides them with discounted fares on the Durban Transport, Mynah and People Mover busses. By making students aware of the Muvo Card and its simple registration process the students can then pass on the information to their parents. The Muvo Card is an important safety measure for children as it eliminates the need to carry cash for bus rides. Muvo will continue to visit local schools to highlight the importance of a cashless travel system and the benefits of Muvo Cards to students.